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Coronavirus mid-month EXTRA Newsletter

During the lockdown we have published a new Mid-month EXTRA Newsletter with articles to replace the missing activities and suggestions for things to do to keep us sane and active. See latest edition here

Latest HMF Newsletter - July 2020

Edited by Allan Evison, HMF Honorary Secretary (Membership Enquiries: For more information on joining the Fellowship retired and semi-retired men can ring me for a friendly chat on 020 8402 7416, or please drop me an e-mail to


REMINDER - EVENTS CURRENTLY CANCELLED – The coronavirus crisis means the remainder of the activities for this programme year (including the August boat trip) have been cancelled. As a further reminder, we plan to deal with the necessary formal AGM business, such as electing the Committee, after the Annual Service in October.
LOCKDOWN - Your Committee continue to monitor closely the regularly evolving guidance on relaxation of the Lockdown. July sees a significant range of new opportunities – for businesses like pubs to reopen, for greater numbers of people to meet and the option of “1 metre plus” where 2 metre social distancing is not possible (but the plus will be additional precautions like face masks). However, these freedoms are things that businesses and individuals “can” do but are not necessarily what they “will” or “want” to do. The key phrase is still “Stay Alert” as we seek to avoid a second spike.

Latest News

Funerals Update: As reported in the Mid Month Extra Newsletter, we are still planning to remember those members of the Fellowship who have passed on during the year at our annual service in October 2020 – again provided we can resume meetings by then. This year it will be especially important as, during lockdown, restrictions at funerals have meant that in most cases we could not provide our customary HMF representation.

Changes at the Bromley Borough Foodbank: The relaxation of restrictions mean that donations can again be taken to the main warehouse in the Ex Adventure Kingdom Building in Bromley on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8 am and 11-30 am. Donors are asked not enter the building, but make staff aware of their presence and so they can come out to collect your donations. Alternatively, donors can use the supermarket foodbank collection points from which donations are regularly collected. The warehouse facility at The Oak Community Church is being wound down now.
Meanwhile, the most-needed items include: tinned meat, custard, rice pudding, tinned potatoes, squash, shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, razors, shaving gel, toothbrushes, toothpaste, washing up liquid, washing detergent and baby wipes. As always, food items must be non-perishable and in date.

There may be another Foodbank closer to you?: Sadly there are many foodbanks in need of support at this time with the coronavirus crisis creating financial hardship for even more families. For members in West Wickham and Shirley, the Shrublands Foodbank may be more accessible. This is run by The Shrublands Trust, at 7 Broom Road, Shirley, Croydon CR0 8NG Tel: 020 3441 7887 Email: Website:

Looking Ahead

Future Outings Programme: The Outings Committee is putting a programme together for the new year - despite all the uncertainty about what we will be able to do and when! On 10 June, an email was sent round canvassing your views on potential Outings – there was a long list of possibilities. Please remember to give your feedback to help the Committee.
That email outlined steps being taken by Premiere Travel, our regular coach provider, to make travel safe for us. As with public transport, masks will be required for travel and Premiere’s website ( explains the additional steps they are taking to protect travellers.

Cancelled events: In July we should have had our AGM and an Outing to the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum. Alternative arrangements for the AGM have already been mentioned, but if you cannot wait for the Outing to be rescheduled, there will be coverage in the next mid month Coronavirus Extra Newsletter.

Newsletters: We think it is vitally important to keep in touch with members during these troubled times so here is an update on plans. We will:
• Send out an August Newsletter this year, normally part of our summer break, so you are aware of all our latest developments.
• Continue with the mid month Coronavirus Extra Newsletter until further notice. Future mid month Newsletters will include the usual links to things on the internet to entertain and educate you as well as an assortment of puzzles to keep us all sane and safe during lockdown. That is all in addition to articles to replace missed activities.

Looking Back

Coronavirus Extra Newsletters:
The June edition of the mid month Newsletter announced the winner of our competition to find a masculine alternative to the poem Pam Ayres wrote about lockdown. Ken Colpus was a worthy winner with his entry “My Lockdown”. He recently received his prize and a Certificate to mark the achievement. See picture below.  
That edition also included our special HMF themed Crossword. Good luck with that!

Until we meet up again, when our programme resumes, or even face to face (as we exercise or shop at the customary safe distance), please keep safe, stay healthy in body, mind and spirit. But always remember, Committee members are happy to chat to you – all the numbers are on the current Membership Card.

We leave you with this quotation from Albert Einstein:-

“In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity.”

We have certainly had the difficulties recently. Let’s hope that the benefits from the opportunities endure longer – new skills, pastimes, or friends.

Proof that Ken Colpus won the Fellowship Lockdown Poem Competition!

Longer reports and photos available to view in Outings and Walks Albums at meetings.